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June 2016
New Energy Management Software

February 2016
Innovative Terminal Blocks products

Independent Manufacturer's Representative Agency & Service Provider

Klemsan Terminal Blocks and industrial automation Terminal blocks
Autmation Products
Onka Terminal Blocks Terminal blocks
Autmation Products
<empty> Signal Conditioners
Limit Alarms
Thermocouple Isolators
Process Indicators and Controllers
Data Acquisition
Wireless Solutions
Loop Isolators
Graphic paperless recorders
Circular Chart Recorders
Strip Charts
Data Acquisition
Nanodac Data logger and Controller
Process Weight Controllers
Load Cells
Allen Bradley PLC Interfaces
DeviceNet weight modules
Platform Scales
Wireless Data Logging
Temperature & Humidity
Luminance & UV
Voltage, Current and Event Logging
Ethernet, Wi-Fi & GSM based logging
Moisture measurements & control
Advanced Near Infrared (NIR)
Continuous on line & bench top
Radio Frequency Moisture Sensor
Low Cost Wireless Data Logging
Temp, Humidity, Proximity, Lighting,
Motion, 4-20mA, Voltage, pulse (flow)
7 year battery life
Wireless Relay Output
Frequency & Current Transducers
Voltage & Watt /Var Transducers
Multifunction meters
Current Transformers
Hall Effect Transducers
Laser Distance Measuring
Pressure Transducer /Transmitters
Pressure Indicators
Sanitary Pressure units
Manifold Valves
Pressure Gauges
Fiber Optic Converters
Modems & Multiplexers
PLC Interfaces
Analog / Digital Links
Thermocouple & RTD
Sanitary fittings
Humidity & Temperature transmitters
Level Sensors
Nuclear Approved Bar graphs
Process Indicators, Loop Powered
8 Channel Scanners
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